How can we be these perfect beings of star-stuff and be so teensy and afraid?

Living a life by choice is funny and silly and scary and very significant and sometimes makes us feel completely insignificant.

How can we be fully, wholly, completely, magnificently, abundantly, confidently star-stuff and move in the world like a wave crashing on the sand, utterly altering the world in each second, while at the same time living with the gigantic afraid-ness that we get stuck with from some distant, off-the-cuff comment someone we loved and honoured spoke to us in a moment of complete vulnerability?  We all live in this duality and I have given it a lot of thought.

My journey through this – writing, talking, coaching, teaching, connecting with others will lay the path. Each step I take provides the foundation for sharing it.

None of us just arrived – at least few that I have ever met – we stumbled our way through, spotting a light in the distance to aim toward, finding nourishment in the thoughts and writing of others, sharing our stories along the way, lending a hand when we can and asking for directions when the map is not clear.

Spending time considering your life is such an important step in creating a life by choice. I am here on your side!

I discovered after training as a professional coach that meaningful conversations make a significant difference for human beings. As a Certified Professional Coach trained in Core Alignment Coaching at the Banff Centre for Leadership, I hold the ICF credential of MCC or Master Certified Coach. I have a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies degree from Royal Roads University.

More about Carol

Exploration of several coaching models and modalities allowed me to develop an approach that creates substantial forward motion with organizations and individual clients.  I use a combination of coaching, mentoring, and strategy development to expedite measurable results.  I have an Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management and I have a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from Royal Roads University, where I deeply examined leadership, social enterprise and innovation.   I received certification as an Appreciative Inquiry Coach in 2015.  I am the Director of Education for three wonderful coach education organizations, facilitating  professional coach training programs.

As wife, mother and grandmother I understand the impact of connecting with others in deep relationship.  I bring thirty years of experience with small and medium enterprise management, operations  management, strategic planning, and group facilitation.  I am known for my ability to foster and create  community, I use intentional and focused communications to support processes that create success for my clients.

The essence of my practice is to create a safe place for others to explore, while listening for the unspoken. I rigorously maintain professional standards for myself and my clients. Those who work with me  experience being deeply listened to while exploring ideas and intentions that assist them in progressing in their personal and professional lives.

I engage with other professionals and practitioners to expand the opportunity to deliver excellence in programs and workshops in Appreciative Inquiry, Systems Thinking, Serious Play and specialized training for Leaders and Managers.