LEGO ® Serious Play ® Workshop

From a 45 minute ice breaker for a team meeting to a two day shared team vision workshop, LEGO® connects the wisdom of higher level human-to-human communication processes and insights through powerful brain science. These become purposeful conversations and teams engaged in a participatory way. This seemingly simple play with LEGO® bricks has unexpected and positive consequences.

Cellular Wisdom for Women

Beginninwith a day long in-person workshop to commence the journey in the company of other amazing women, working directly with the facilitators, each person will enter their inner landscape, guided along a step-by-step path to become present to the remarkable aspects of themselves. Trusting the inner navigator, participants develop a new reality to become aware of the multifaceted aspects of their creativity and ability to manifest.

The adventure continues in 4 distance learning webinars, each focusing on a pivotal piece of the workbook, completing with the steps necessary to deepen the insights on how each of us has a way of being in the world that will fulfill our purpose.

Along this path you will awaken, changing your perception of the world, yourself and your relationship to everyone and everything that is alive. Carmen Mendoza and Carol Vickers are honoured to be facilitating this dynamic series.

Due to the nature of the processes in the workshop, it is deliberately kept to a small number of participants.


The next Cellular Wisdom for Women workshop will be held entirely online. In six online sessions, we will cover the material to enable everyone to participate from anywhere in the world.