LEGO ® Serious Play ® Workshop

From a 45 minute ice breaker for a team meeting to a two day shared team vision workshop, LEGO® connects the wisdom of higher level human-to-human communication processes and insights through powerful brain science. These become purposeful conversations and teams engaged in a participatory way. This seemingly simple play with LEGO® bricks has unexpected and positive consequences.

From Christal Earle, founder of Brave Soles…
Recently, Brave Soles had our first official team building workshop – in our tire production centre around a big table and sitting on benches. We also had a surprise visitor show up: Lego.

It was a pure joy to experience.

When Carol Vickers, our Team Culture coach, first suggested using Lego, I have to admit that I was hesitant. Looking back now, I realize that it was the perfect way to start a conversation with our team.

I had told our sole production team that we would be taking the afternoon off to do some learning. They were hesitant and smiled politely as I told them to keep an open mind. I had no idea that it wouldn’t just be them who would be impacted by what we did. In fact, I was amazed at what happened.

But first, to fully appreciate our experience, you have to be able to understand why we chose Lego.

The large majority of our tire production team comes from backgrounds that would be hard to imagine. From former child slaves to political refugees, our team has a very different life experience than many of us.

But the one thing we discovered that we have in common is the pull to nurture our imagination and relationships.When the Lego bags were emptied onto the large table, there was a stunned silence for about 2 seconds. But then, everyone erupted in raucous laughter, eagerly reaching for the bright, enticing little blocks, bobbles, and lego accessories. Faces were transformed into playful smiles as they dug into the mountain of Lego.

In fact, people even moved closer together, laughing with delight at what each other was creating as they relaxed into a state of comradery and connection.

As Carol guided us through a series of questions that we answered via our colourful creations, I had the opportunity to observe how each team member interacted with the invitation to invent with the Lego. I wanted to better understand what they connected with and why.

In a short amount of time, I learned a lot about our team and how they see the world. 



8th Element coaching education


This new virtual Professional Coach Training program consists of 90 + hours of learning that leads to the opportunity to apply for a professional coaching credential. The full program consists of:

Twenty (20) weekly ZOOM webinars of 2.5 hours starting
Four (4) Group Mentor Coaching Sessions of 2.5 hours each
Three (3) Individual Mentor Coaching Sessions of one (1) hour each
Four (4) Individual Coaching Sessions of one (1) hour each
Coaching SuperVision in group format
Readings and watching videos and reflections assigned between sessions

This program exceeds the ICF requirements for applying for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credentials through the Level 1 pathway: The Gold Standard in Coaching | ICF – ACC Paths (

Your Investment: $4900 Canadian + GST or $4900 USD
April 18, 2023 – September 12, 2023 from 3:00 5:30 pm Pacific (no class on May 23rd or September 5th)

For further information and a “suitability” conversation, contact Carol at 



This program was designed to educate and facilitate the skills needed for professional coaching in the specific niche of supporting parents and families through pregnancy and infant loss.  Profound understanding of the journey, together with deep coaching skills, mentoring and self-awareness bring the key components of this program to help the coaches find within themselves the strong core to be of service in this important area of coaching.

Students are guided through a simple, powerful model of coaching to access the deep conversations with their clients. Tools and exercises are taught to engage with clients in a time when they most need the support and to be with them as they transition and transform in their process. 

The goal of this program is to have students confidently coaching at the level of a ACC coach.  The program has been rigorously reviewed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is accredited at the level of Level 1.

The next cohort of this incredible, important training begins in March 2023 and is completely full.  Please be in touch if you have any questions about beginning this amazing journey to become a professional coach.  Because there are limited seats, we are opening registration for September 2023. You can register here.