Carol Vickers

Coaching & Consulting

We are in unprecedented times in our world.  I know from my experience and from my heart that speaking with a coach makes a difference.  If you would like to talk to a trained, professional coach, I would be honoured to have a call with you and discover where I could be of support.  Dion Fortune defines magic as “the art of changing consciousness at will”.  Perhaps this is what we tap into as we enter a coaching conversation; the capacity to change our consciousness, with intention.  I invite you to explore with me.

Welcome to Carol Vickers Coaching & Consulting

A world that works.

Resourceful, resonant leaders and individuals committed to igniting passion and inspiring others – that’s how we get there. I invite you to work with me to realize that kind of future. My work brings a profound appreciation and deep insight into the compelling stories that define us, along with an exploration of the complex yet simple rules of the systems that enable us to be effective.  Social innovation is going to provide the unprecedented solutions for our world.  Let’s be part of that.

Who I Am

I discovered as a professional coach that meaningful conversations make a significant difference for human beings. As a Certified Professional Coach trained in Core Alignment Coaching at the Banff Centre for Leadership, I hold the ICF credential of MCC or Master Certified Coach and an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies.