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Have you been told that you would be a great coach?  The journey of training to become a professional coach will open your heart in ways you did not imagine possible and open opportunities to develop a career that is incredibly worthwhile.  In January, I began the first cohort of my new professional coach training program.  Together with my co-facilitator, we have recently celebrated our first graduates!  The 3D Coaching Academy at is accepting registrations for the Fall 2020 cohort.  You can apply now.  I would love to be your instructor.

Wondering why you should have a coach?  Here are 35 reasons

I was recently invited to be a guest on my friend and fellow coach’s podcast, A Spoonful of Coaching.  You can hear my explanation of coaching for couples here.

Have you considered that fashion can do good?  Having the privilege of working with the brilliant founder of Brave Soles, Christal Earle, has given me insights into the world of fashion that benefits people and the planet.  You should check them out!

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I invite you to connect to my blogsite and spend some time browsing the archives. My blog writing has been irregular and irreverent and is always a heartfelt examination of what is going on in my life. I would love to hear your thoughts on my ponderings.