What I do

Carol Vickers Coaching and Consulting is a coaching, facilitation and education practice. Discover what services would best support you in excellence and satisfaction in your professional and personal world.

A thriving company with delighted employees and increased productivity
Success has many measures in the world. In organizations, it is often based on monetary achievements and having a positive effect on others. With all the pressures and unpredictability in our current environment, having support for dealing with challenges, a plan for continued performance and a healthy dose of humour and play is what I can provide for leaders and teams.

Having worked with a diverse range of thoroughbred teams in the luxury real estate world, I recognize the importance of combining encouragement and provocation to foster sustained results in a very competitive environment.

Other leaders have utilized my coaching to develop improved strategies for employee engagement and navigation of complex corporate demands.

From continuing education online to weekly check-ins and accountability follow-up, I offer an eclectic menu of options for companies and leaders.

Taking on a new path with confidence and courage
Have you ever felt that you were swinging on the flying trapeze and just couldn’t let go of the bar to reach for the one coming towards you? We make many decisions that will alter our lives and the process of change for human beings is not typically smooth. My coaching can encourage the exploration of new directions and assist in building the structure to tackle the new adventure. It is at times of life changes that many people seek the guidance of a coach and for good reason. In our hearts, we recognize the importance of a partner to share the experience and a guide for times when the pathway is not clear. Through a series of coaching conversations, you will experience clarity and a sense of lightness in commencing a new journey.
Exploring options to find an expression of your passion and enthusiasm
What if the path is not clear? What if you aren’t sure even what map to look at to figure out where to go next?

A process of examining values and strengths can un-conceal your inner core, which is a worthwhile course of action when re-imagining who you are and what you want from life. Discovering newly what delights you and gives your life zip is a profoundly playful and light hearted experience. In this metamorphosis, each session will have elements of laughter and insights that will leave you more assured of your gifts and abilities. Increased self awareness overcomes uncertainty with a renewed sense of confidence.

Having a quiet space where you are listened to and appreciated
The number one result that clients report about the value of having a coach is the experience of being deeply listened to and heard in a coaching session. I generate an intense level of listening beyond the words spoken and gently bring understanding and acceptance to our conversations.
Whether you need an outlet for frustration and upset or some shared silence in contemplation, I consider the space we create in dialogue to be sacred. I bring the utmost in confidentiality and respect for you and your dreams.
A nurturing family where each member feels loved and connected
We learn to flourish in our family of origin yet many families faced with high paced, full and busy lives struggle to find the sought after work/life balance. It may be through an hour for you to be listened to fully and deeply or through facilitation of a difficult conversation; in each case I bring a heartfelt commitment to the well being of each person in the family.

Our modern families and extended families are the foundation of the community and having a coach to bolster and encourage when the going gets tough can make a huge difference. Bi-weekly conversations in the circle of the family or one-on-one dialogues lend much needed perspective when intensity and emotions run high.

Professional Coach Training and Specialized Workshops 

Have you considered becoming a professional coach? Contact us about ICF accredited professional coach training programs that we recommend.

How to take the magic and opportunity for transformational change into a group process? Beyond coaching is the world of facilitation. “Play-shop” is a much better term for the facilitated experience you will have with these workshops. Designed for intentional value in specific environments, each can be tailored to your organization or circumstance.  Unique, innovative and inspired content to provoke empathy and insights with your teams.