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Over time, Carol has coached me into trusting relationship, into inventing amazing and perfect answers to seemingly impossible questions and into willingness to let go of resistance and commit to outcomes. She is patient, intuitive and fearless in taking a stand for her clients; I would be a smaller person without her talented and loving support. I highly recommend her coaching.
Janyne B Sinclaire

What I love about coaching with Carol is the relentless investigation into what I want in life. It’s an inquiry into my deepest desires and a re-training of my brain to notice and focus on the areas of my life where those desires are being met. It has changed my relationship with work, with friends, and with my own fragile sense that I can actually have the life I want. Carol continually guides me to notice and build on the situations where I feel most alive and to anticipate a future that I really want to have, rather than settling for what I think is already out there to choose from.

Jennifer Lacy

I absolutely loved working with Carol because it was unlike any coaching I had experienced before. She would have me express the things I wanted in life and hold me accountable for reaching those goals. Finding balance in life both personally and professionally when working high end Real Estate can be a very challenging. Carol helped me hone in on the areas of my life that need improvement so that my goals of balance and happiness could be met. Her patience, understanding and guidance can help any professional stay focused and expedite reaching their desired life and business goals. I would recommend her coaching to anyone, no matter what their age or the business they are in.

Paul Antonas, Bahamas Realty Limited

In her coaching conversations, Carol Vickers holds her clients in the highest light, making it safe for us to express our thoughts, feelings, hopes, and fears. She hears what is being said and not said and is able to make intuitive connections between things that may otherwise have been overlooked. She has also introduced me to the most amazing and remarkable people and with a twinkle in her eye, a gentle voice, and a magic wand with a big “YES” on it, I like to think of Carol as a Fairy Godmother in the best possible sense.

Maria Koropecky, Owner, Homespun Spa